Kitchen Chairs Makeover

I finally gave our unfortunate, ugly kitchen chairs a makeover! These wrought iron chairs, complete with green plaid cushions, belonged to the previous home owners. They were quite an eye sore. But with a new coat of white spray paint and new upholstery, they’re looking much more french-chic and less grandma-lame.


Started out like this…

Spray painted in the backyard.

Several cans of spray paint and a couple million staples removed later, we have this! Just in time for summer.

Speaking of summer, check out the roses blooming in our garden. They are liking the mid-70s weather and all the rain lately.

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  1. Wow, are you so in love with your new chairs? They are fabulous, I adore that fabric you chose!!!


  2. Thanks, Kate! I definitely got lucky with the fabric, they were on sale at Jo-Ann. :)

    Thanks for blogging all your helpful tips!

  3. Alice

     /  May 6, 2011

    Dude, it looks like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT chair! That’s amazing, and ditto on the fabric love! So cute!

  4. Awesome makeover, you should send your before & after pics to ! Where did you get your fabric? Also how did you put it on the seats (a staple gun?). I’ve been wanting to re-do my kitchen chairs FOR AGES but haven’t found the right fabric yet. :(

  5. I got the fabric from Jo-Ann. It was 50% off, without a coupon! I originally went in with another fabric in mind but couldn’t find that one so I got this one instead. I think it worked well. :)

    Good luck on your kitchen redo! I’ve been putting these chairs off forever too…starting is the hardest part!

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