New Dining Chairs

Feels like we’ve been playing musical chairs in the dining room lately. Thankfully, I think these are here to stay! My Eames side chair replicas are here! Yes, they are replicas because I’m way too fickle to spend $2,000 on six dining chairs. I’m very happy with their quality and how they look in the space.

Eames side chairs

Eames side chairs

I decided on four dowel leg side chairs and two eiffel arm chairs. I do love the eiffel base but thought all eiffel might be too stark against the tile floor.

Eames side chairs

Eames side chairs

Here’s a shot of my Milo Baughman credenza and refinished kitchen chairs with the dining table in the foreground.


Eames side chairs

I’m thinking next step will be painting the wall with the framed photos a dark teal to create an accent wall. That’ll really make the white chairs pop! Also searching for a 8×10 kilim rug to go underneath the table and chairs…man are they hard to come by. It has to be affordable because my cat will totally destroy it instantly.

Something to look forward to – I’ve been redoing my parents’ master bedroom. Can’t wait to share the results with you! My mom and I spent all day painting yesterday and we still have to do the ceiling this weekend. My back is going to hate me…

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  1. I love them! They really brighten up the space. The eiffel legs are cool, but there’s something about the dowel ones that I really like.

    I also think dark teal would be gorgeous. It’d match your vases. :)

  2. Thanks! Now I just have to make my mind up on which exact shade of teal!
    We have to play nerts and test out just how sturdy these chair are…

  3. I was just going to say that you need more COLOUR when I read the bit about the accent wall, you should definitely go for it! Love the new chairs (of course), combined with the lamp they make the space feel a lot airier and vintage chic. I’m trying to decide right now if I should get a set of shell chairs for my dining room (it is a similar shape/ color of wood as yours) or to just re-do the seats of my existing chairs with fun aqua fabric.

  4. Oh, this is probably what I’m going to do with my dining room chairs once I find some awesome fabric (this person’s house is so amazing, am jealous!!!):

  5. Scott is kind of against the accent wall idea right now. He likes how it looks, he’s very minimal. So we’ll see…I might get a rug first. Also, our powder room needs some new paint so we might tackle that project next.

    You should definitely reupholster your chairs! Does require some work though. Just have to find the right fabric!

  6. Very good, really! Thanks.

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