Master Bedroom Makeover

Last week, I put my decorating obsession to good use and gave my parents’ master bedroom a complete makeover. My mom’s initial complaint about her bedroom was the paint color of the walls and the ceiling. The drab yellow definitely had to go. My main concern was its wasted space; the large room felt empty despite the king-size bed and the giant dresser.

We quickly got to work. I ordered all the new furniture and accessories online. My mom and I painted the walls and ceiling. Scott channeled Chico again and installed the lighting fixture. The result? Pretty damn good! The room went through a complete transformation.


Notice the yucky yellow paint and un-coziness.

Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover
So much more cozy, elegant, and calming! And totally affordable! Check out the expenditures below.

Paint: $80 (1 gallon for accent wall, 1 gallon for the other walls, 1 gallon for ceiling)
Bench: $183
Chair & Ottoman set: $335
Rug 5′x8′: $134 (50% Off for Mother’s Day!)
Console Table: $230
2 Table Lamps: $180
Pendant Lamp: $114
4 Curtain Panels: $60 (I’m pissed because these look exactly like my West Elm silk ones but cost a fraction of the price I paid.)
Bedding: $100
Framed illustration over the chair: $40 from HomeGoods
Wall frames and mattes: $80 from Aaron Brothers with 30% off coupon (I shot and printed the photos myself)
Accent pillow: $12 from Target
Total Cost: $1448

Not bad considering we did everything in a week. Thanks, Internet! Couldn’t have done it without you and your sweet deals!

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  1. i want you to do my apartment haha :)

  2. Wow, excellent job! You have a good eye for color and furniture arrangement. You should consider doing interior design on the side (another branch in your creative empire, hehe).

  3. lisa

     /  May 28, 2011

    This looks amazing! Can you tell me what paint colors you used?

  4. @Lisa
    Thank you! The accent wall is Behr Antique Tin and the lighter walls are Behr Cathedral Grey.

  5. What a difference!
    Looks stunning, I love that console table :D


  6. Thanks, Elle! The console table (from Target) looks even better in person. I was so pleasantly surprised by it! A little tricky to put together though…it felt like I was going to break a piece of glass. ;)

  7. trina

     /  May 7, 2012

    Love the bedroom! Can you tell me the paint color and brand used in the bedroom…cant tell if it is blue/gray but i love it.

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