Multi-purpose Outdoor Table

It’s summer! Time to dust off the grill! We had a BBQ, Memorial weekend. It’s always a lot of fun hanging out in the backyard but more people means more chairs! Usually, we have two separate patio tables in different parts of the yard and they each seats four. This is plenty of seating for the two of us, but having people over requires some maneuvering.

I didn’t want a large outdoor dining set taking up room all the time so I had to come up with a more temporary solution. A plastic fold-up table was purchased from Amazon for only $80. The best part? It’s a perfect beer pong table!

When we’re eating, all we have to do is throw on a tablecloth and it looks pretty civilized. When the night degenerates, the tablecloth comes off. The next morning, we just wipe off the spilled beer and fold up the table to be stored in the garage…until the next beer-pong/flip-cup tournament!

Beer pong photos courtesy of Alice!

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  1. Hehe it seems like beer pong/flip cup is having a renaissance in our mid 20s… love the idea of a duo purpose table. Very handy! Also it’s funny hearing you get so excited about summer as it’s warm all the time in LA. :D

  2. It never went away!!! Drinking games are always alive and well. ;)
    You’d be surprised at the weather here this year. It’s been so cold! Today, it’s not even 70 degrees here in downtown. Buuurrrrrrrr…

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